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" I think they owe an explanation to the Millers. I think they owe that explanation to the Jacksons. But they sure as hell owe it to the Lykken family for what they've all been through," Butler says.

"And the second you hear the other inmate's voice, without a shadow of a doubt, it's him," Sargent says. And didn't verify it with a voice recognition expert.

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Now Butler is calling for Attorney General Larry Long to charge Black Crow with perjury. And to do more.

As for their theory about what really happened to the girls, Lykken's lawyers say old police reports indicate Pam Jackson's parents identified their daughter in a photo taken 6 months after the disappearance, and the case was originally closed after that.

Lawyers Mike Butler and Clint Sargent say as soon as they listened to the confession tape recorded by Nike Vapormax Replica

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Lou Raguse: "Why would it take this long to figure out he was lying?"

"He looked everyone in the eye in that court room. My client, the families of the Jacksons and the Millers and the family of David Lykken, and perjured himself," Butler says.

These lawyers put Black Crow on the witness stand during a hearing last month, knowing he would lie.

"What they managed to accomplish was Nike Vapormax Plus Olive take my client's 88 year old mother and make the last years of her life a living hell," Butler says.

They say he helped prosecutors ruin a family's lives.

Prosecutors thought they had Lykken's voice on tape admitting to killing the girls, but Aloysius Black Crow admits he conspired with another Nike Air Vapormax Grey Red Black

For at least the foreseeable future, a 1971 cold case will remain unsolved. After learning its star witness was lying, the state dismissed all charges that 53 year old inmate David Lykken killed Sherri Miller and Pam Jackson.

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David Lykken's lawyers told us today that the only reason investigators searched the Lykken farm back in 2004 was because of a recovered memory from Lykken's sister. But they say investigators didn't find anything on the farm to tie Lykken to the crime.

´╗┐Black Crow 'Framed' Lykken

"Once they got what they thought was an airtight confession, they used that as a way to persuade witnesses," Butler says.

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Larry Long is considering filing perjury charges against Black Crow.

David Lykken's lawyers say jailhouse informant Aloysius Black Crow didn't just lie.

"If I could be so bold to write your headline for you, I'd call it 'framed,'" Mike Butler says.

They only had enough evidence to charge Lykken after Aloysius Black Crow came forward with the supposed confession. And what Lykken's lawyers want to know now, is why the state didn't figure out sooner that Black Crow was lying.

inmate to fool everyone.

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"They simply chose to believe it," Butler says.

Black Crow, they knew it was not David Lykken's voice admitting to the killing. Lykken speaks rapidly. The voice on the tape had a slow, high pitched, raspy drawl. After talking to other inmates at the prison, these lawyers say they even found the source.

And Butler believes it influenced the rest of the state's case.

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Long: "I don't know the answer to that. Since we're thinking about charging him. It's that level of detail I can't give you."

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